Sunday, 22 May 2016

Week 3 Term 2 2016

We had a special visitor in Room 7 this week. His name was Gizmo and he belongs to Amberlee. He is only a wee thing but he got so excited seeing all the children! 

He jumped up and chased around and pulled their hair and their clothes and he
just wanted to play!

We had a lot of questions to ask so we wrote them down to ask Amberlee's mum.

We found out that asking and answering questions helps you look for information, which builds understanding.

We really liked having Gizmo in our class. Come in and have a look at what we found out sometime.

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  1. Very cute Amberlee! Room 5 will have to come in and find out all about Gizmo and maybe you could answer some of their questions.


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