Saturday, 21 May 2016

Week 3 Term 2 2016

Last Friday was Room 7's turn to present at Assembly. We had been talking about ANZAC Day and why we always see the poppy as a symbol.

We read a lot of different stories to help us understand more about why we celebrate ANZAC Day and what it was like for the ANZAC's, and then we made some poppy pictures for our class. Here we are waiting to show our pictures and to share some of our learning. 

Then we put our pictures up in our foyer for others to enjoy. We hope you like them. We do !

Here are some of our ideas...

ANZAC Day is…Thinking about the people who went to wars.                      Amberlee

ANZAC Day is…A day when we remember the people who died in the wars.      Sophie

ANZAC Day is…On April the 25th every year.                                                                       Joe
*This is the anniversary of when the ANZAC landed at Gallipoli to fight the Turkish Army in 1915

ANZAC Day is…Always on the 25th of April and we remember the people who died in the wars.         Cooper

ANZAC Day is…A day when we can go to the Dawn Parade.                                       Brock

ANZAC Day is…A day when we make ANZAC biscuits.                                       Kerrin

ANZAC Day is…A holiday in New Zealand and Australia.                                      Rico

ANZAC Day is…A day to think about the people in wars.                                        Lily

ANZAC Day is…Is when people march in a parade.                                                        Charlotte

ANZAC Day is…When people wear medals and poppies on our shirts.                       Kayla P.

ANZAC Day is…When we wear red poppies to remember the people who died.                  Calais

ANZAC Day is…When we wear red poppy flowers. They grew in the ground where people were fighting.                 Calleb

ANZAC Day is…If you were still alive you can walk in the parade and you could wear your medals on your left side and if you are dead someone from your family could wear the medals on the other side.

ANZAC Day is…On ANZAC Day it is important to remember the people who died in the war.            Ayden

ANZAC Day is…If you buy poppies from the shop you give them money and it goes back to the people who went to war.                                                                                            Ariana

ANZAC Day is…It’s about the people who were in the war and died, and fought to help us.                 Ciana

ANZAC Day is…People in the parade who went to war, wear their medals on the left side and if you didn’t go to war you wear them on the other side.                    Lydia

ANZAC Day is…When people make a wreath with poppies on it and put it on the clock.               Kayla O

ANZAC Day is…Tastes like ANZAC biscuits and hot chocolate after the dawn parade.                 Aneiyah

ANZAC Day is…There was mud on the ground where they were fighting. Some got dead and some got very sick.         Jack

ANZAC Day is…It smells like gunfire and we hear singing and we see people marching.               Legend

ANZAC Day is…People died in wars. People from Australia and New Zealand were called ANZACs.             Manav

ANZAC Day is…We feel sad for the people who died in the wars and their families. And we feel proud too.          Clarissa

ANZAC Day is…Australia and New Zealand celebrate ANZAC Day.                             Hayley

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