Friday, 3 November 2017

Week 3 Term 4 2017

Charlie likes to bring in surprises from time to time. This week he brought in some guinea fowl eggs...
Charlie and his mum challenged us to stand on the eggs to see if we could break them.

We all thought they would break but most of us had a try and not even Mrs Finucane or Mr Byers could do it!  Even when we dropped it on concrete, the shell only cracked and we really had to throw it hard to get it to break.

Here are some photos and our class story...

Charlie brought some chicken and guinea fowl eggs today.
He found them around his house because they aren't fussy where they lay.
Charlie wanted us to step on them while they were on the grass,to see if they would break.
I stood on the egg with the ball of my foot.It hurt! It felt like a hard, smooth stone. It didnt break!
We know chicken eggs have liquid and air inside. We think guinea fowl eggs are full of liquid and no air,which makes them hard.

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  1. Awesome photos guys! Can't wait to share this with Room 5!


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