Sunday, 15 October 2017

Week 7 Term 3 2017

YAY! Our dough models are finally dry and we got to paint them. This week we used items from the environment to make "habitats" for our models. 

Can you find the birds hiding in their habitats?
Here is a selection of our models and our writing.

Rosette the Kiwi went to her nest to lay her eggs and they were beautiful girls. Rosette sat and protected her eggs.    It was cool that the rat had not gotten her eggs yet and Rosette was so happy. One day Rosette found her favourite berries so she went to pick them and ate them. And then she went to sleep on her eggs so the rat could not get them. Rosette loved her eggs. Rosette did as much as she could to protect and keep her eggs safe.                                                                                                  By Oceane

The kiwi is going into her burrow because it was morning. The fantail is trying to go to her eggs so she can look after them in the forest.             By Emmie

The mother kiwi was hiding in the forest, and she lost her eggs. She was looking for them, and then she saw the naughty rat and the rat was going to eat the mother kiwi. She had her sharp claws ready and then she scratched the naughty rat and it ran away, and she found her eggs.         By Loena

My classroom made some models and I made a piwakawaka. I made a nest too. I made 5 eggs and for safety I made it with leaves to make it camouflage in the bushes. To keep the nest stable I put some logs around the nest. I put some prickly bushes around the nest, and I put them there to keep the predators out.                                                              By Connor

Rose the Fantail went to her nest to lay lots of eggs but a predator ate the eggs. Rose the Fantail was scared and angry at the predator, because now the babies can’t come and see whether they have a mother. Rose      really wanted a baby and now she has to wait to see if she going lay lots more eggs. She might be a mother and she will live in the forest for years.                                                                                                                    By Kayley


The kiwi has laid some eggs. It is hiding in the bush to protect the eggs from cats and dogs.   By Mereana

Karearea was guarding his nest so the rats can’t eat the eggs. He has beautiful colours and he is very brave and fierce. He could eat the rats if they try and take the eggs.                                         
By Blake

One day Piwakawaka called Mother Ruru and asked for some help to protect his eggs. One egg hatched. It was as hungry as a baby kea. One day the baby grew and grew and grew and it became a mother. It had some babies. A rat came to eat the eggs, but the rat didn’t not grab the eggs because of the ruru. The ruru flew down and caught the rat and went up the tree. Then the rat escaped and got to go to another nest and steal some more eggs to eat.                                                                 
By Quartez

Maddix the kiwi, he had a strong legs and a strong beak. He saw the cat and the kiwi kicked the cat out of the forest. The kiwi had a good trip home and a good feed.                                             
By Charlie 

One day a mother ruru called Storm left the nest to go find food for the baby birds. When she got the grubs she chewed them and spat them back into the babies mouths and when their mouths shut it was yum for them. Mrs Storm left some in her mouth for her. 
By Karez

Little kiwi was protecting her mother’s nest so rats don’t eat the three white eggs in her warm cosy nest. Then one egg started to hatch, then the other and then they all hatched open. Now the mother has to feed all of the baby kiwis. 
By Enzo

Karearea heard something. As quick as a flash Karearea scared off two baby black glossy cats and then they were so scared that they even tripped over a stone. They were so angry that they died, and that is how Karearea become the most fearless bird in the world. 
By Xavier

My bird is swimming in the water. 
By Binn

My bird is hiding her nest from predators but she had to fight the stoat. By Maddison

The kiwi saw a man cutting down the forest, so the kiwi went to hide. 
By Jacob 

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