Friday, 21 July 2017

Week 10 Term 2 2017

Mrs Preston was working in our class and we were retelling the story of Maui and the Sun . We made these pictures and they were so awesome that Mrs Finucane put them up in the foyer for everyone to see!

Here are some or our retellings...

Maui and his brothers are making a net to catch the sun, to tell the sun to go slow                  for the villagers. They need more time to find food to feed the children and Maui                     needs more time to go fishing with his brothers.                                          Oakley

Maui caught the sun in his net. He hit the sun with his magic jawbone. The sun is slowing down. So now Maui can go fishing.                                                               Jacob

Maui said to his four brothers, ”let’s go fishing to get our lunch and our dinner.” But then the   sun was going too fast across the sky so Maui and his brothers made a  magic net out of flax.                                                                                                                  Enzo

Maui is going fishing. He saw the sun racing across the sky. He wanted to catch the sun so he built a net. He caught the sun and called him lazy, then he slowed the sun down.                                                                                                                                        Jackson                                                                                                                                    

It was dark when Maui woke up his brothers to go fishing. When the sun came out it went back in really quickly so they didn’t get their fishing done. Maui didn’t like this so he made a plan. Maui said to his brothers, ”you are going to help me make a magic net to catch the sun. We will slow it down so we can go fishing.”                                             Rawinia

Maui and his brothers made a net out of flax by where the sun lives. Then the sun came up and  they caught the sun. The sun slowed down because Maui hit him with his magic jawbone. Then it  was weak and slow.                                                            Maxx

They caught the sun in the magic rope. Maui told the sun to slow down so Maui can catch fish. Maui hit him with the bone and then the sun slowed down at last.           Ajay

Maui and his brothers are holding onto the net. They are waiting for the sun to rise. Maui had his magic jawbone where he was hiding with his brothers. Now! Here comes the sun! Yay! We caught the sun.  Here comes Maui with his magic jawbone. You slow down now Sun because otherwise I will not let you go.  I will, I promise, Maui, said the Sun.                   So now the sun goes slow.                                                                                 Oceane.

Maui and his brothers were on the mountain. They all tried to catch the sun, to stop it going too  fast across the sky. Because the sun was going too fast they couldn’t sleep or eat or play properly.  Maui would hurt the sun if it didn’t slow down.                        Maddison

The brothers helped Maui make the sun slow down. They put ropes over and Maui used his magic  jawbone to slow it down.                                                                       Mereana

Maui and his brothers tried to catch the sun with a magic net and ropes. His brothers helped him  to make them. The sun got caught by Maui and his brothers. He said, ”Let me go so I can do my fast    journey across the sky.” Maui said, “No! Only if you slow down,” and the sun said okay.                                                                                               Sierra –Jane

I liked the part when they caught the sun. Maui hit him with his hook and said, ”You need to slow down so we have long enough to go fishing and hunting.”                      Karez

Maui wanted to go fishing so he woke his brothers up. By the time they were ready the sun  had gone down again. Maui got angry and said, “we need to slow the sun down so we can catch  our fish to eat.”                                                                                     Tariqah.

Maui climbed the tallest mountain, to capture the sun to tell him to go slower across the sky.  Maui and his brothers captured the sun. Maui hit him with the magic jawbone and said to the sun, ”Can you slow down a little bit? Don’t forget I still have my magic jawbone and I will  hit you if  you go fast again.”                                                                                  Connor                                                                                          

Maui said to the sun, ”remember I’ve got my magic hook  and if you go fast  I will find you.”     “Okay,” said the sun and then Maui and his brothers went fishing.                  Quartez

Maui said to his brothers, ”do you want to go fishing?” The sun came up and shot across the sky  so they didn’t get time to fish. They came up with a plan to slow the sun down. They made knots in the flax and put the net over the hole to catch the sun. Maui said, ”can you go slow now,” and the   sun said, “yes.”                                                                 Charlie                                                                                                             

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