Sunday, 11 June 2017

Week 6 Term 2 2017

We have been really lucky to have Kathy from Zero Waste here this week talking to us about "Is that really Rubbish?"

We have been learning about all the things we throw away and what we could actually reuse or recycle.

We found out that we can recycle paper and cardboard, metal, milk cartons, plastic and glass. We can also put our food scraps in the pig bin. We can also take our plastics home and recycle them in our black recycle bins.

We have lots of bins at school now:

  • Paper Recycling Bins
  • Pig Bins
  • Milk Bins
  • Rubbish Bins

When Kathy came back we played some games that she made out of "rubbish"  so we got to reuse some of the things.

It has really made us think about "Is that really Rubbish?" 

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