Sunday, 2 April 2017

Week 8 Term 1 2017

The Great Spaghetti Debate! 
Which Spaghetti is Best...Mrs Finucane's Spaghetti or Mr Watties Spaghetti

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This week we had to compare 2 types of Spaghetti and rate them. 

 After this we had to make a graph to help each person decide which spaghetti was best... Mrs Finucane's Spaghetti or Mr Watties Spaghetti.

Many of the children did not want to try Mrs Finucane's spaghetti at first...

but when they saw how good it was everyone had a try!

However, at the end 10 people liked Mrs F's best , 
2 thought both was good 
but 14 liked Mr Watties best! 

Maddison Liked Mrs F's ...Can you tell?

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