Monday, 5 September 2016

Week 6 Term 3 2016

This week we have been really luck and have had Harold, Mike and the Life Education Caravan at school. 
We have been looking at the theme "It's okay to be different" and have had 2 sessions in the caravan.

We were able to go to assembly this week and show our "people" to the rest of the school. We have learned that while there are lots of things that are similar about each other. We are  UNIQUE  and Different and Special...
and that's okay!
My Personality!
What I look like is only one part of me.
What I say, how I feel, and how I act everyday
is much more important to me.

My speciality...

It’s my Personality!

Miss  Williams took photos of us all and put together this collage for us because we are special!

In Room 7 we think that your personality is about...

*   the way you think
*  The way you act
*   How you speak
*The way you use your words
   *How you feel
  *The way you do things

We are  UNIQUE  and Different and Special...
and that's okay!

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