Sunday, 31 July 2016

Term 2 2016

Hello everyone. Mrs Finucane has just realised how long it has been since we put anything up on the Blog!

Here are some photos of some of the things we have done, and would like to celebrate!

In week 6 Mrs Spencer was in our class and she read us the legend of "Maui and the Sun". We made some spectacular pictures and then when Mrs Finucane was back we wrote about our favourite part and published our writing. Here are some examples...

We are very lucky to have Mrs Prattley working in our room and she does some really awesome things with us. Here are some examples of what we do with Mrs Prattley...

Mrs Prattley read us a story called "The Seven Kites of Matariki".

We thought it was an awesome story so when we were asked to make something for the Rec Centre display for our Matariki Hangi , Mrs Finucane thought we could try and make the kites from the story.
We all thought it was too hard but when we worked in teams and thought hard we managed to make our kites look nearly the same as the book. They are so awesome that we have had them in the Rec Centre, our foyer and in the Office foyer as well!
 Mrs Finucane is going to put them in our classroom for the rest of the year because we did such a great job!

Finally... at the end of the term we had our final assembly and we awarded our class certificates to Legend, Calais and Joe. These three wonderful students, along with Hayley , are moving to Room 11 next term which is sad for us but we know they will make us proud.

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