Saturday, 12 March 2016

Week 5 Term 1 2016

This week we went to the Beach!

On Friday Rooms 5,6,7,8 and 11 set off for Waihi Beach for our Beach Ed Trip with the Waihi Beach lifeguards.
We had beautiful weather, fantastic parent support and our students were AWESOME!

We participated in a range of activities such as beach races, tug of war, sand creations, CPR, rock pool adventures and at the end of the day…in the water with boogie boards!

A huge thanks to all of the wonderful parents who gave up their time to come with us and help to keep us all (including the teachers…) happy and safe.

Here are some of our memories...

I was on the boards with my friends. I was floating on the waves.               I didn’t fall off!

At the beach I played in the sand. I buried my jandals in the sand.

We got the comfy seats. The other bus got the hard seats. We were lucky. It was noisy. The boys and girls were talking.                                      Mrs Finucane got us to play I Spy and I found the train tracks first.

I like to ride the waves and I floated on the waves with a boogie board.  
I fell off the boogie board into the water.

I saw two rocks at the beach. They were big and I saw water in-between them. I made a sandcastle and Brock mixed it up. I made it again.          The waves came and I did nearly fall over. It was good that I didn’t!

My mum pushed me to catch some waves and I went really fast.

I liked the tug of war.
It was hard work!
I pulled the rope and it hurt my hands.

  I liked the big waves because they were pushing me.                                  I drank the water and it tasted YUK!

I liked the tug of war.
The adults pulled the rope and the children pulled too.
The children won!

I swam in the little waves on my boogie board. I fell in the dirty water.

I made a hop scotch out of seaweed. I was helping my nan and my friend. Then we got to play.

I loved building sand castles. I worked with Amber and Chloe and we played tug of war.

The tug of war was best because Mr Byers was in our team.                     It was adults vs. the children, and we won!

We were upstairs and the man was showing us how to save lives.
We were pressing on top of the heart and we had to count to 30.
Laelah Belle

The waves stung my sore leg when I was on the boogie board.                    I was on a red board and we were riding the waves.

I made a kitchen in the sand. I also made a bed in the sand.                       I had lunch with my friends.

 We played the lolly game. We got a mint and I put it in my top gum so it didn’t disintegrate as fast. No one else did it and I came first                      in the mint competition, and I didn’t get bus sick!        

I surfed on the boogie board and the waves were pushing me straight  onto the sand . I went back into the water and a crab climbed on my back. I fell off the boogie board and the board floated up onto the sand.           I went for another swim and I played with Manav in the water.

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